Site Launching Soon!

COmputer Keyboard Working Essentials

Hi lovely ladies ( and gents too!) I have been getting asked quite a bit when the actual website launch will be.
In short, I have no clue. ha!
Today is April 8 and I am still working on my taxes so when that is finally done I am going to finish adding all my items to the store. It is a long slow process that I am trying to hammer out.
I am also trying to finish the flow of the site and trying to make it easy to find gift ideas and new unique items. So please let me know below if you have a hard time finding items...
In the meantime I decided what items I have listed are now LIVE and can be purchased, yay! Which you guys have been liking because I have already sold out of a few items including the ever popular Lorena Canal rugs, which I am restocking this weekend.
I am always looking for items to add to the mix so please feel free o email me your wholesale line sheet or catalog and I would love to take a peak,
Look out on instagram @themixshopping for more launch details as the come!
Happy weekend all!

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