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Alright you guys I said I would follow up with some stats when I had the chance, here we go! 

I wrote my original blog post about ditching Instgram and hoping on the Pinterest band wagon on Sept, 12, read it here...

Then I wrote my follow up post to that about what to do once you set up your business profile, Sept 18th, read that here...

That is the same time that I started my daily grind on Pinterest, I pinned, pinned, and pinned even moreeee!! 

Fast forward to today, the day before Thanksgiving, and yes I am writing this in-between making honey butter and OH SO MANY desserts!

Excited to spend the next few days with family and freinds.

I just took A TON of screenshots and thought I would share them here, so you can get an idea of what things are looking like on my end....

Happy Thanksgiving from The Mix Pinterest


I want to start out with saying how proud I am of MYSELF. I dedicated my time ( and I won't shy away from how much time it took, because it was TEDIOUS) to Pinterst and growing my stats/clicks and I did JUST THAT!

Growing more and more everyday and having so much fun in the land of Pinterest and all that it has to offer, helllooo cute trends, travel inspiration, and homes that are drool worthy, we all know we can get lost in all the pretttyyy things! 


The Mix Shopping INsagram


Let's start with my monthly overall impressions and visitors, stats from the last 7 days...

82% increase in monthly viewers!

And increase of 130% of monthly engaged! 


The Mix Shopping Monthly Stats


Next is the Profile stats (last 30 days) increase of 483% for impressions..

And 1,100% increase in daily viewers, YUP!


Pinterest Stats


And next up is average amount of clicks, about 100 a day with an increase of over 1500%, MIND BLOWN.


Click Increase The Mix Stats Pinterest


Andddd what it looks like on my shops end....averages are all UP across the board.


The Mix Stats Pinterest





DRUMMMM ROLLLL PLEASSSEEEE! Becuase I am just that THRILLED with my results.


Increase sales of 519% (insert cheers here ;) haha 


I do contribute a lot of that to Pinterest and all my day to day work, allll that pinning!! 



I am so excited to share these stats and to see what the future holds, I am on TEAM PINTEREST and hope that you will join me! 



Here is a link to my Pinterest profile, @themixshopping


And here is a link to my Pinterest Management Services, and HINT HINT, since I am so SO excited with my progress I decided to do a crazy last minute FLASH SALE! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 

Save 15% off with code "HOLIDAY15"!


Sale - Pinterest Managemetn Services Va


I have worked with some AWESOME TALENTED ladies so far and would love to keep adding to my team...below are a few accounts I work with...


Thank you all and hope everyone has a great holiday! 



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